Lanfour Productions

Country Gravy & Other Obesssion 

Written,compsed, and perfromed by Julia  Laskowski and Patti Rabaza 

 ​Happy Hour is a hilarious new play by Houston playwright Joe Barnes. The story follows four weary co-worker from a local mega-store as they go out on a well-deserved happy hour to unwind with two-for-the-prices-of-one drink as they get to know their new co-workers.  

Lanfour's first musical project was Ted Swindley's tribute to the life of Texas  legend, Kinky Friedman. (pictured between Little Jewford and Ted).  

Becoming Kinky at Stages!

Kinky with the cast at Stage Repertory Theatre in Houston. From left to right:

Justin Doran, Kinky Friedman, Tom Prior and Adam Van Wagoner. 

Becoming Kinky:The World According to Kinky Friedman

 By Ted Swindley

Developing New Plays 

Happy Hour

by Joe Barnes